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The HS Senior Model Team at Luke Photography is the backbone of our high school senior marketing program.  Unlike at many studios that still use a model rep. program, you don't have to give us e-mail addresses of a thousand of your friends, and you don't get treated like employees and have a whole list of responsibilities that you have to do, or risk being dropped from the program.  At Luke Photography, we realize how important you are to the success of the program, and you get treated accordingly.  

Do you have responsibilities?  Sure.  But we think the benefits surely outweigh them.  We think it'll be such a fun and rewarding experience that you'll do it all without even thinking about doing it.  Many of our HS Models end up becoming like family.

Not every applicant can be accepted into the program.  It is not a popularity contest, nor do we always select the best-looking people for the program.  We'll select a certain number of outgoing students from each high school, and we select only those that appear to be the right "fit" for the studio, aligning with our personality, business beliefs, and values.  After all, you are representing us, and we want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other.  It does help if you are active on social media, but it is not a requirement.

You'll have at least two photo sessions during the last half of your junior year, and you'll share the photos with your friends.  Our hope is that you'll have so much fun during the sessions and love your photos so much that you'll want to convince all your friends that Luke Photography is the "only place to go for senior portraits".  When your friends come for their own sessions, they get discounts on their sessions, and you earn cash.  How much you earn depends on how much you do...so it's entirely up to you.


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