Whether it's a business portrait, a young adult's coming of age, a loving couple's engagement, a personal statement, or the creation of an important moment in your family's history, portraits play an important part of your legacy.  Your portrait tells your story at a particular time in your life…a sliver of time that is captured forever…an image that says:

"This I who I am, and this is what is important to me."


Nothing strikes a feeling of paralysis more than planning to have a portrait taken.

What should I wear?
Should I buy new clothes?
Do I have to wear a shirt and tie?
Should all the kids match?
Should I smile?
What about my glasses?
Can I squeeze in my hair appointment for just before the portrait?

Relax and take a deep breath.  It really does not have to be that bad.  Contact the studio and I can talk you back in from the ledge, and we can discuss how to make your portrait session a (positive) memorable experience.



"Everyone in my family to whom I've given one of the portraits has been thrilled!
They all love them, and the large framed version looks great on our wall at home"

Jeffrey, family portrait client

“Thank you for your artistry and professionalism, Patrick! 
I will recommend Luke Photography at every possible opportunity.”

David, business portrait client


If you are not completely satisfied with the images from your portrait session or the final product, please let me know within 24 hours. If there is nothing that I can do to correct the problem, I will refund your session fee or refund the entire cost of your order….no questions asked.


Professional and Business Portraits

Think about how you would like to be portrayed, and what you want your customer so see when they look at your business portrait.  Most people don’t take that much time to think about it...they just want to “get it done”, and that’s why many business people look like a deer in headlights, and they are never happy with the pictures.  Remember, this is the first impression for the majority of your customers on your website and marketing materials….let’s make it a good one.

For U.S., Canadian, and foreign passport and visa photos, click here.

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Children and Families

When I'm photographing families, I can't tell you how many times I've heard: "the last time we did this, Matthew was just in kindergarten".  Now Matthew is 6'2" with sideburns and ready to leave for college.  You shouldn't wait that long before investing in your family's next heirloom.  The best time to do it is now. Believe me, i know that life can change in an instant, so there is no time like now to document these memories.

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