Emily is the new intern here at Luke Photography.  She is an Art & Design major at Keuka College and will be spending her well-earned break here at the studio helping out as an assistant, and learning more about photography and the ins and outs of small business.

Of course, new employees should get an employee portrait, so I took advantage of this to teach her a few things about portraiture lighting and show a different way of adding interest to the background.  Emily is beautifully lit by a 4x6 softbox, which provides very flattering, almost shadowless light on her face.  There is a "cookie" in front of the background light, adding interesting light and shadow dimension to the wall.  "Cookie" is short for cuculoris, which has been used forever in films and photography for this purpose.  In the newest studio addition, which has an open warehouse feel, I wanted to make it look like there was a large arched window casting light on the background.