After Greer's session, I was starting to think that the studio was specializing in those high school boys that wanted nothing to do with senior portraits.  He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having his picture taken, and I thought it would take a miracle to get him to smile.  As most of the athletes that come through the studio have done, we were able to get some really interesting and unique photos of him in his uniforms.
The photo of Greer shooting on the lacrosse field was done at mid-day.  I brought two studio lights to the field: a White Lightning 1600 in an Apollo soft box lit his face and the front of his body as he dove across the goal; a Quantum T2 flash to camera left lit him from behind, separating him from the sky.  The image was processed to darken and saturate the sky so he stood out.  The stadium lights were "turned on" in post processing.

And the photo of him smiling?  
All I had to do was mention his 2-yr. old niece, who has him wrapped around her little finger.