Mid-December paddle in the snow and ice of Hemlock Lake

Before I worked as a full-time professional photographer and opened my studio, I worked as a part-time photographer, and devoted most weeknights and many hours of the weekend on my part-time profession. My weekday hours were filled with my duties as an environmental scientist (12 yrs.) or software quality manager/engineer (12 yrs.), which were my two careers in Corporate USA.  My fellow photographers were never surprised to get e-mails from me at 2am from my home studio, then followed up by at 7:30am e-mail from my corporate job.

Three years ago when I left Corporate USA, I would spend all day in my studio, then continued to devote my evenings and weekends to my fledgling full-time business, which consumed sometimes 20 hours a day.  After one year of that I knew I needed to avoid getting burned out, so I carved out more time for my pleasure activities, which included biking, kayaking, golf, socializing, and...gasp...even napping in my hammock.

This Forbes article expands on the things that successful people do on the weekends: