Jen is a junior at Fairport HS and is one of the studio's Model Reps. for the upcoming Class of 2016 senior picture season.  These photos are from her Model Rep. session in February, and show a little bit of what is coming for this year's senior portraits.

Jen is on Fairport's varsity softball team and has a really sweet lefty swing, which is typical of many, but not all lefties. I am looking forward to her next session in June, when we can get some dramatic sports photos.  Her friends would describe her as a little goofy, but the only thing that I find is a little goofy about Jen is that she does not like chocolate.  Knowing this, she is always welcome to spend Halloween or Easter at my family's house, because that's one less person we have to fight to get to the chocolate.

Enjoy her photos, and look out for more to come from Jen this summer.