Acadia is a Class of 2017 HS Model Rep. for Luke Photography from Victor HS.  Prior to her senior portrait session we discussed going outdoors in the snow during her session, and she said that she was "up for anything".  Little did I know this meant I was going to get hit with a snowball.

Cadi, as her friends call her, brought in several changes of clothes in her typical "BoHo" style, which all photographed really well.  As we usually do, we pick the backgrounds for the session based on the clothes the senior brings in.  You can't plan on pre-conceived ideas if they won't match the color or style of clothes that the subject is going to wear.  Fortunately, she brought in a royal blue blouse which really made her eyes "pop".  By using a plain white background, it lets her eyes take center stage....they are the first thing you see in those images, and it's difficult taking your eyes off of hers.

Cadi has a nice, easy smile which looks amazing in those photos, but take a look at the more serious look she shows.  Just a little bit of sass, just a little bit of confidence, just a little bit....of Cadi.