Crystal is one of the Class of 2016 Model Reps. from Fairport HS, and came to the studio for her session in between lacrosse games and practices.  She said her favorite place on earth is the lacrosse field, and I've seen her there and I believe its true.  

She brought in a variety of outfits and we worked through as many as we could during the session, but no matter what she wore, it was immediately apparent that her blue eyes took center stage in all of her photos.  When my daughter saw these photos, she said that I must have really retouched her eyes, because they are "SO" blue.  No, I really didn't.  Her eyes really "ARE" that blue.

I always try to get to know my Model Reps. as well as I can, so that they feel comfortable with me and I know more about their personality, which enables me to bring out that inner personality in their photos.  Crystal is on the quiet side, and she said that one of her dream jobs is oneirolgy...which, as everyone studying dreams.  No, I didn't know that...she had to tell me.  :-)  And she confided in me that her hidden talent is breaking an apple in half with her bare hands.  Next time I photograph her, I'm bringing a bushel of apples and letting her show me.