Marissa is finishing her junior year at Fairport HS and we photographed her entire Model Rep. session in the High Falls area of downtown Rochester.  The warmer weather gave us an opportunity to take advantage of the great architecture and history of the area. Knowing the possibilities, I had some aerial footage of the session recorded with a quadcopter that was equipped with a high-definition camera.  The video gives a really good indication of the working environment.  Here is a link to the video.

When she grows up, she merely wants to be "happy", which I think is a great goal to have no matter what you do or how old you are.  Her dream job would be working in an aquarium with dolphins, and she's already a certified scuba diver.

Marissa had a "look" that  thought would work well in this environment.  We brought a portable changing room so that she could change outfits throughout the session, and we took advantage of the color and texture of her clothes to match...or contrast...with the environment that we were in.  She has the most amazing detailed flecks of color in her rich brown eyes that you really can't see unless you are there talking to her, so I wanted to show alot of close ups of her to share that here.