Erica is a junior from Fairport HS who has long, curly blonde hair which framed her face beautifully.  She had two completely different looks, depending on whether she was smiling, or had a more serious look.  Her face absolutely lit up when she smiled, and I saw a happy girl through the viewfinder.  However, in several of the photos when she had a more serious look, she appeared to be a 25-yr. old model.  Her makeup was done by Nikki Mitrakos, from Love and Style On salon.

Her wardrobe varied from rich colors to soft pastels, which all looked good on her.  The rich colors in the burgundy-colored top and even the denim jacket provided a punch of color.  The mint colored sweater complemented her lighter complexion and blonde hair.  The one common theme through all of the clothes was that all of it had texture, which added dimension and depth to the portraits.

If you know Erica and are interested in senior pictures, talk to her about her experience at the studio and ask her for a Gift Card good for 20% off a senior portrait session fee at Luke Photography.