Emily is a HS Mode Rep. for Luke Photography from Fairport HS for the Class of 2017.  She came to the studio because she appreciates the way we connect with the students, and she thinks all the photos are beautiful.  When you are beautiful as Emily, it makes our job very easy, and the following photos show just how beautiful she really is

The fact that she is very studious and focused is very representative of the fact that she wants to become a doctor.  But ask her where her favorite place is, and she'll say "the beach", which suggests she can relax and enjoy life too.  As one of four girls in the family (including a twin sister), Emily enjoys family and, other than her phone, is the one thing she can't live without.  Emily and her twin sister had back-to-back sessions, and we made sure that they each had very different photos, and if you look at last week's blog post, you'll see that each set of their photos is very different from each other.  And although they are identical, I found one way to differentiate one from the other by their faces...but I'll keep that a secret for now.

If you know Emily and are interested in senior pictures, talk to her about her experience at the studio and ask her for a Gift Card good for 20% off a senior portrait session fee at Luke Photography.

Hair and makeup: Nikki Mitrakos (Love and Style On)

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