Jen is one of the studio's five Model Representatives from Fairport High School for this year's senior portrait season.  Her first session in the studio was in February, and during her second session we got to take advantage of the warmer weather and walked around the Village of Fairport.

Jen's biggest passion is softball, and she plays first base and pitches occasionally for Fairport's varsity softball team.  She bats lefty and, like most lefties, has a sweet, pure swing which often sends balls over the fence.  She calls herself a little weird and funny, but also a very caring person.  The only thing I think is weird about her is that she doesn't like chocolate.  I mean....who else besides Jen doesn't like a little decadent chocolate once in awhile.  She does make up for this by loving mac and cheese, the all American comfort food.

Please enjoy these photos from Jen's spring time session, and a couple of videos from her sessions.