Ashley is the 3rd model representative from Fairport's Class of 2014 to have her senior portraits taken at Luke Photography.  She plays basketball almost year-round and is a starter on Fairport's varsity basketball team.  She is tall and statuesque and looks as much like a model as any athlete I've had come through the studio.  Although she was getting over a cold and didn't feel well, she certainly gave all her energy during the 3-hour session, then has to turn around that evening and go to work.

I really love it when people bring in their own ideas for their portraits, and Ashley did not let me down.  She had seen this idea of writing her graduation year on the bottom of her flip flops, so that it would show up correctly when her feet were crossed while lying on her didn't just happen that way....there is actually quite a bit of planning to make sure it looked right.

Ashley's royal blue prom dress really made her stand out against the new high-key set wall in the studio.  We made sure her pose showed off the leg slit and the peek-a-boo cutout in her dress.  Very stylish and chic without showing too much.

For this image, Ashley was posed outside along the canal.  For all the photographers out there, here is the geeky part: the camera was set to tungsten white balance, which produces a blue color cast over everything when photographed outdoors during the day.  Orange filters were placed over the two flashes in the soft box which she is looking towards, which corrected the light on her face and skin, rendering it a neutral tone.  This trick is used to create impact lighting out in daylight.

Depending on what color the subject is wearing, different colors pop out from this background.  Ashley's fuschia top made the pinks in this background really stand out, but nothing stands out more than Ashley, who looked fantastic all day, and was so comfortable in front of the camera.