I love photographing the contrast of warm and cool colors together, as shown here by the warm reddish orange of Corteney's dress and the cool blue of the worn denim jacket, then the warn rusty tones of the hand-painted background.  Corteney was the first to be photographed against this background, and it looks like it was made just for her. 

Corteney brought this leather jacket all the way from Spain, and we made sure that it played a prominent part during her session.  The rich carmel color of the jacket was really enhanced by the color of her blonde hair, and was made all that mofe saturated by the cool mottled greens of the background.

The thin stripes in Corteney's top play well against the geometric grey shapes of the background, another favorite in the studio.  Her face and hair are really prominent against the cool grey tones behind her.

This is a perfect pose and color combination for Corteney.

Although basketball is her favorite sport, the lighting in this soccer photo shows off her eyes and creates wonderful drama and impact, especially against the dark background.